martes, 31 de marzo de 2020

Our activities: Art and crafts. St Patrick

Here I share the nice pictures you have already sent me:

Daniela's S. Patrick work

Nahuel's S. Patrick work

Vega's S. Patrick work

Hector's journal


After waking up yesterday, I ate my breakfast. Later in the day, I did my homework. Afterwards, I ate lunch. Once I finished lunch, I played a board game with my family and then we spoke to my cousins by video call.
At 8 o’clock in the evening, we clapped outside of our windows to cheer on the people who are working during the pandemic. Afterwards, we ate dinner and I went to bed.

Aplausos y mano aplaudiendo fondo de Vector - Descargar Vectores ...

English tasks

Today you have to write a journal entry about a day on holidays you really enjoyed- only one day- You have to check it well, specially the verbs in past, before sending it to our email. Don't forget to use expresive words to describe events.

Then, you can check your homework:

Solutions U5 Lessons 7 & 9

I miss you too.

lunes, 30 de marzo de 2020

Pablo's journal

During the days x we must x be at home, I normally wake up at 9:30. Then I have breakfast with my brothers and parents at 9:45. Afterwards I study and I do my homework.
Later I read for 1 hour. After that,  I eat and then I play with my brothers, mostly x videogames. Sometimes, all the family plays a board game. Anything to spend quality time together. At night I have dinner and I watch x TV or play with my IPHONE.
I remember, many times, going to the school and I seeing my friends. I miss going outside, playing with the ball or riding my bike, also doing sport like handball, or swimming.
I am worried about coronavirus but I think that if all of us are at home we will win x.
See you soon, 


Reflection and refraction

English and Natural Science tasks

Good morning, everybody!

Some of your journal entries are great! I will upload them on the blog to share. Today, more writing task: lesson 9-pg71- . Read the text and answer activity 2 and 3 in your notebook. Then complete the activities in your activity book -page 62.
Tomorrow, I want you to write another entry, this time about a special day in a holiday you enjoyed -on your computer if possible to correct it better-. Use the past tense -you can check the irregular verbs on pg 136-. You can follow the steps described in your activity book, page 64.Don't forget to send them to our email!

Natural science
Hope your experiment worked! I want you to send me, if possible, a photo or a video and a short explanation of it to correct it and uploadedd on the blog. Then, try to do a concept map about light (pg 70,71 and 72).

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Physical Education

EFECTO21. Vuelta ciclista en casa

viernes, 27 de marzo de 2020

Let's make butterflies!

Hello everybody!
Hope you are preparing a nice journal entry. For Art and Crafts:

First of all, you have to make your pinwheel following Alicia's instructions:

Then, make the kite and flowers if you didn't make them. If you have extratime, try  these butterflies:

Origami is relaxing!

And don't forget to send me your photos!

Physical Education

      Efecto21:   JUMPOLOGY    

Here you have a funny activity to do with your family. 

jueves, 26 de marzo de 2020

Un bonito corto en valores

Aunque lo hemos visto en clase, merece la pena compartirlo con la familia

English task

Good morning!
Ready for English? Today and tomorrow it is writing time! Lesson 7.  You will have an example of a journal entry. A journal entry  is the story of a day in somebody's life.
Why don't you write about your day?

First, read page 70. Read the text twice and look for the difficult words in your dictionary. Then complete the activity book. -pg64-

Later on, maybe tomorrow, you have to write about your day. Do it on the computer. Save it as a word document so I can correct your mistakes better. Check spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes and send it to our class email. Remember to use the past tense!

I will choose some to upload on the blog. 😉

You can check your homework here:

Solutions Unit 5 lesson 6 Cross-curricular

I Love Writing, A White Card With Text Of I Love Writing And ...

I will be very glad to hear from all of you!!!

Physical Education

Si lo necesitas más grande, puedes descargarlo  AQUÍ


Natural Science: 
Light experiments to try at home!

Listed below there are different experiments you can try at home. Take a photo of your experiment, write a short explanation and then send it by email! Have fun (:








miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2020

Natural Science:
Light, reflection, and refraction review!

Use this information to study and prepare for a Kahoot game!

Kahoot:  Light, reflection, and refraction review!


Natural Science tasks

Today you are going to learn about reflection and refraction. Read page 72, look for the difficult words and do activities 1 and 2 in your notebook.

Then check your homework:

Tomorrow I will propose you several  easy experiments related to light.

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English tasks

Hello everybody!
Today's task is reading comprehension. Read the text, look for the difficult words in the dictionary and write them down in your notebook -pg 69 claasbook-. These are oral activities. Then complete activities in your activity book -pg 61-.

Correct activities -pg60-

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Physical Education


It is important that we keep moving. 

Today in Efecto21 we are going to learn about persistence. 

Do you know what it is?

martes, 24 de marzo de 2020






« Bonjour! Aujourd’hui, les parties du corps! La chanson du jour: Tout oublier d’Angèle et Roméo Elvis! Bonne journée! »

English: Grammar

Direct/indirect pronouns

Look like...

English tasks

Hello everyone!

Today you have to work on lesson 5. Open your Class book, pg 68. Copy the grammar chart in your notebook. Just do them oral. Then, complete pg58 -activity book-.

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Have a nice day!

lunes, 23 de marzo de 2020

Los sectores económicos en España y Europa

Los sectores económicos en España y Europa👷

Physical Education


It is important that we keep moving. 

I challenge you to do this PE lesson and invite your family to do it with you. 

 How did it go? 
See you soon. 

English. Check

Here you have the solutions for lessons 3 and 4:

solutions Unit 5 lessons 3 and 4

If you have already done activity 5, pg 59-activity book- in your notebook, check spelling
and grammar  mistakes. Then on a white/coloured paper or card, copy the information.
Don’t forget to include the title of the film, the names of the actors and a short description
of what happens in the film. You can draw pictures to illustrate your posters. You can take
a photo of them and send it to our email. Next Monday I will upload on the blog some of them.


Un petit mot de fin pour vous souhaiter de très belles choses...

Bonnes vacances à tous!! Beaucoup de bonheur dans vos vies, de réussite et de santé! Merci d'avoir été une classe formidable! J'ai...